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IES-Thermopac can offer our consulting expertise in various areas for your Used Oil Re-refining and related (Oil De-hydration, Re-refined Lube Product Blending, etc.) needs. You can engage us for:
» Feasibility Studies specific to your requirements -
  To study and report the technical and economic feasibility of your desired project under variations parameters, such as the desired product(s), processing capacity(ies), infrastructure requirements, locations, etc. Typical deliverables include a feasibility report, study basis, list of assumptions, preliminary design basis, preliminary process flow diagram indicating major process equipment, major equipment list and high-level pricing estimates, etc.
» Data analysis and Technical evaluation of solution alternatives -
  To analyze your operating plant/equipment data and have us evaluate various technical solution alternatives and/or recommend the optimal solution. Typical deliverables include an analysis/evaluation report.
» Cost Estimations-
  To provide high-level to detailed cost estimates for your defined scope. Typical deliverables include a cost estimate document, assumptions, vendor quotes.
» Detailed Process Engineering -
  Detailed process scope, Design basis, Process Flow Diagram (PFD), Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs), Line and Equipment List, Mass and Energy Balance, Pump hydraulics, performance curves and calculation details, Line sizing details, Safety valve and rupture disc specifications, Thermal design of heat exchangers, Environmental Pollution control process design
» Complete Design Package-
  Detailed Process Engineering package plus Mechanical, Piping, Civil & Structural, Electrical and Instrumentation package oMechanical: General Arrangement Drawings for all fabricated items, Lubrication list oPiping: Piping layouts and isometric diagrams, Bill of Material for piping items, oCivil and Structural: Structural fabrication drawings, Bills of Quantities / MTO, Foundation layouts oDetailed Instrument, control system and control valve specifications and Terminal drawings oElectrical: SLD, Bill of Quantities for bulk items.
» Operational troubleshooting-
  To existing re-refineries that are experiencing problems with their operation or are considering operational improvements. With over 20 years practical experience in Used Oil Re-refining, we have confronted and solved many of the problems that are faced by operators. Our team can help solve many of your re-refining challenges. Typical deliverables include on-site visits and interview/discussions with operations personnel, before and after data comparisons, recommendations, etc.
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