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IES-Thermopac process
  Used oil is made up of base oils and various additives that impart the desired quality characteristics to the finished product. Re-refining used oil is complicated because the oil is difficult to characterize. Oil characteristics are dependent upon the source of the used oil, the types of used oil, and how the oil was collected. The highly variable quality of used oils drives the complexity of the facilities necessary to treat it for re-use.

With our re-refining experience over a decade and continuous process improvement, we have a proven and established process, as described below. The stages are typically supplied as individual skid-mounted packaged units.

Stage 1 : De-Hydration and De-Gas oil
Stage 2-A: TWFE #1 to Process Lube oil grade SN150
Stage 2-B: TWFE #2 to Process Lube oil grade SN300
Stage 2-C: TWFE #3 to Process Lube oil grade SN400/500
Stage 3-A: Hydrogenation - (for API Group II end product)
Stage 3-B: Activated Clay Treatment - (for API Group I end product)
Stage 4: Pollution Control to treat gaseous emissions
Stage 5: Effluent Water Treatment to treat the water from de-hydration step
Stage 6: Packaging or Bulk dispatch

As a technology provider and Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC) contractor, we undertake the complete responsibility to supply all equipment and their proper functioning as a pre-packaged Used Oil Re-refinery.


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