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Microwave Continuous Curing Plant
  MICROMET Microwave curing technique is specially designed for Extrusion Rubber Profile Industries to carry out continuous vulcanization of Extruded Solid or Sponge products.

Advantages of MICROMET:

* Rapid and uniform cross-sectional heating.
* More consistent and faster development of physical properties.
* High production rate.
* Excellent surface finish.
* Elimination of shrinkage
* Uniform cross-section with best dimensional stability.
* Less tendency for bloom.
* Lower load deflection properties for sponge.
* Lower density can be achieved.

Thermopac UHF Microwave Continuous curing system is based on International Quality & Safety Standards.

We undertake the complete responsibility of design, supply, commissioning and startup of continuous Microwave curing Rubber Extrusion line.

We also provide an R & D pilot microwave continuous curing line at our factory, on which, customers may conduct their actual product trials on request.

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