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Grease Plant
IES-THERMOPAC offers state-of-the-art plants for the manufacture of a wide range of greases such as Lithium, Calcium, Sodium (Soda), Aluminum, Complex, Polyurea, Synthetic and Specialty Greases. These plants are designed by experienced grease technologists and built as per the NLGI specifications.

We provide complete automation from raw material storage to product packing with PLC and SCADA based systems or partial automation to suit the client’s budget and their preference for the level of automation.

Laboratory Set-up:
Each plant supplied by us comes with a complete set of laboratory equipment to conduct basic tests meeting international specification. Our experienced chemists will impart training for conducting the tests and operating the lab equipment.

The outstanding characteristics of greases produced in our plants are:

Purity: Complete absence of corrosive or abrasive particles that would be harmful to the bearings.

Uniformity: Quality control and uniformity in process parameters ensure consistency of physical
and chemical properties of the product.

Stability: The grease produced in our plant retains its homogeneity throughout its use and in storage.

Types of Grease manufactured :
  • Calcium Base
  • Sodium Base
  • Aluminum Base
  • Lithium Base
  • Extreme Pressure
  • Complex
  • Polyurea
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