Lube Oil Product Blending
Lube Oil Blending plant consists of

» Additive weighing and mixing
» Base oil stock weighing and blending
» Filling of the finished lube oils into containers of various sizes

Lube oil blending and additive mixing is a fully automatic batch process performed within multiple parallel lines, each consisting of one additive weighing and mixing vessel and blender.

Every batch can be controlled by PLC and SCADA from remote operating station.

Basic feeds to the blending process are the base lube oil stocks. The blending procedure follows the prescribed formula for each product. Additives are mixed according to the precise weight prescription in order to achieve the required properties.

Lube oil blending of base oil stock and additives takes place in specially designed agitated blenders.

Finished lube oils are transferred in dedicated storage tanks and from there, transferred to the barrels, canisters, or bottles filling.

Standard plant sizes:
50 MTD / 13,500 GPD
100 MTD / 26,000 GPD
150 MTD / 40,000 GPD

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