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  The Re-refining plant is fully computer controlled with display capability for real-time visualization of the process parameters. Plant is equipped with computer interfaced Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system which enables online visual data analysis and control of various critical process parameters. This helps in continuous monitoring of the entire plant process from a single point.

All skids are pre-wired with necessary flame-proof instruments and controllers such as temperature, pressure, flow, level and local junction boxes. All hot surfaces are insulated and cladded wherever required. Input and output piping along with control and one isolation valve, wherever required, is part of our standard supply. PLC-controlled dust-proof control panel is supplied for controlling all refinery skids. SCADA system along with pre-programmed desktop computer is a standard supply.

Some of the process monitoring and control features include :

  • Level monitoring in raw material & product tanks
  • Step by step progression of process
  • Precise control of temperature & flow by various PID loops
  • Cascading effect of interlocks & PID for higher accuracy
  • Emergency shut down or manual shut down carried out by PLC
  • This system also generates periodical maintenance alarms
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